Top 77+ Funny Memes And Hilarious Sayings

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Funny Memes And Hilarious Sayings

Top Funny Memes

“1. I think you pretty thank I wish there was something between us me too really?! Like what a wall”

“2. Haz u not seen “jaws”!”

“3. In the year 2020 it’ll be 420 for an entire month”

“4. USA UK Italy”

“5.when u lick the outlet”

“6. Crow has thinner bill, shorter tail, and is smaller in size Raven has thicker bill, longer tail, and is larger in size”

“7. How dogs see road trips how cats see road trips”

“8. For a second, I literally thought that the shark on the left was being executed, and the shark on the right was being comforted.”

“9. Shops made customers laugh pls do not tap on glass it scares the ice cream coffer refills are not allowed. If you want a refill, please make sure we are not looking. Thank you”

“10. New noise canceling headphones that are so good at blocking out sound that they even prevent you from listening to your own music, forcing you to bask in the whispers the forgotten gods until you begin t hear your own brain falling apart as descends into madness”

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