36+ Inspirational Love Quotes and Sayings That Will Make You Feel Alive Again


Inspirational Love Quotes and Sayings That Will Make You Feel Alive Again

#1. Sometimes, you have to stop thinking so much and just go where your hearts takes you.”

2. I am homesick for a place I am not sure even exists. One where my heart is full. My body loved. And my soul is understood.”

3. It’s not about who you’ve been with, it’s about who you end up with. Sometimes the heart doesn’t know what it wants until it finds what it wants.”

#4. They didn’t agree on much. In fact, they didn’t agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other ever day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other.”

5. A good relationship is when someone accepts your past, supports your present and encourages your future.”

6. Hey you, stay positive. The things you are waiting and hoping for tend to arrive at the most unexpected moments.”

7. One day you’ll look back and realize that you worried too much about things that don’t really matter.”

8. I’ve always loved butterflies, because they remind us that it’s never too late to transform ourselves.”

9. Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable.”

10. You can’t calm the storm… so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.”

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