21 Romantic Love Quotes By Instagram’s Newest Poet


“She never gave up on love. Even when her world stood completely still, she was a believer. She could feel it deep within her bones. A quake was on its way.”

“She gave into her heart. Finally realizing that her tears did more than carry her pain. They watered her soul.”

“All I want is for someone to love me like they have never tasted the lips of another soul. Some might say that is too much to ask. But I know it is possible. That’s the love I have for you.”

“Eventually the moon realized that he too missed the warmth of the sun. And he could no longer live in the darkness.”

“And while she never felt quite normal she was no where near crazy. She just loved too much. Choosing to see the savage world through her heart instead of her eyes.”

“She wanted him to devour her soul. Like she was his favorite dessert. She wanted to be what he craved the most in life. Never growing tired of her taste. And always coming back for seconds.”

“My head dropped from your shoulders. Finally finding a home on your chest. Nestled between your rib cage, I can hear your heart calling my name.”

“Am I scared? Of course I am. A love like this doesn’t do anything but make you want to hold on tighter. And I don’t know if this will push you away or bring you closer to me.”

“You are more than the air I breathe. You, my love, are why I’m still breathing.”

“And if we ever come to a place where our hearts decide they can’t meet, promise me you’ll search for another path to lead you back to me.”

“There are very few things I crave more than you reaching for me as you sleep.”

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