20 Inspirational River Quotes And Sayings

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Following are the inspirational river quotes and sayings with images.

Inspirational River Quotes

The river is one of my favourite metaphors, the symbol of the great flow of Life Itself. The river begins at Source, and returns to Source, unerringly. This happens every single time, without exception. We are no different.

“Life is like a river—it keeps flowing, flowing, and flowing till it merges into the sea. Nothing can stop the flow of Life, but you can enjoy the Journey.” — Unknown

“A good river is nature’s life work in song.” ― Mark Helprin

“For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.” — Khalil Gibran

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” — Rumi

Inspirational River Quotes

“You drown not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it.” — Paulo Coelho

“The river will always be the river, but never the river you know.” — Unknown

“The river is everywhere.” ― Hermann Hesse

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” —James N. Watkins

The river is everywhere.

“You can’t be unhappy in the middle of a big, beautiful river.” — Jim Harrison

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” — Cesare Pavese

“I like geography best, he said, because your mountains & rivers know the secret. Pay no attention to boundaries.” ― Brian Andreas

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times” — Unknown

We do not remember days, we remember moments.

“Love is the river of life in the world.” — Henry Ward Beecher

“You cannot step twice into the same river, for other waters are continually flowing on.” ― Heraclitus

“Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.” ― Emma Smith

“Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment in life.” — Unknown

Don't try to steer the river.

“If you have a river, then you should share it with everyone.” — Chen Guangbiao

“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.” ― John O’Donohue

“A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself.” ― Laura Gilpin

“Don’t try to steer the river.” ― Deepak Chopra

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