Beach Quotes and Sayings with Pictures

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Looking for inspiring beach quotes? We have rounded up some of the best beach quotes, sayings, proverbs (with images and pictures) from famous authors, writers, leaders and more. The most important thing in life is to remember the essence of your existence.

Motivational Beach Quotes

  1. “Don’t worry if people think you’re crazy. You are crazy. You have that kind of intoxicating insanity that lets other people dream outside of the lines and become who they’re destined to be.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  2. “I want to be the best version of myself for anyone who is going to someday walk into my life and need someone to love them beyond reason.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  3. “Stop trying to be less of who you are. Let this time in your life cut you open and drain all of the things that are holding you back.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  4. “I can do this… I can start over. I can save my own life and I’m never going to be alone as long as I have stars to wish on and people to still love.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  5. “For so many years, I couldn’t understand why every time I thought that someone finally loved me, like… for real, they would eventually turn to vapor. Every person whom I’ve ever loved is trapped inside of my chest. I’ve breathed all of them in so deeply that I’ve nearly choked and died on every soul that I’ve ever given myself to.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  6. “I met a boy whose eyes showed me that the past, present and future were all the same thing.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  7. “In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.” ― Rachel Carson

  8. “I look out into the water and up deep into the stars. I beg the sparkling lanterns of light to cure me of myself — my past and the kaleidoscope of mistakes, failures and wrong turns that have stacked unbearable regret upon my shoulders.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  9. “I feel a resurgence of my 6-year-old self… that little warrior, goddess of a girl reminding me of who I was when I was little, before the world got its hands on me.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  10. “I’ve always seen this in you, ever since you were a little girl — this hunger to love other people into their highest selves and it’s what has made me irreversibly and just so forever in love with you.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  11. “Does our purpose on Earth directly link to the people whom we end up meeting? Are our relationships and experiences actually the required dots that connect and then lead us to our ultimate destinies?” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  12. “Let this time in your life cut you open and drain all of the things that are holding you back. I’m going to help you forgive the things that you won’t let yourself forget.” ― Jennifer

  13. “I fantasize the night sky to be like a cosmic blue print of my life as I close my eyes and unbutton my heart…. just in case anyone up there is listening.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  14. “The beach is not a place to work; to read, write or to think.” ― Anne Morrow Lindbergh

  15. “Please… Whoever you are, whatever you are… I believe in you even though I don’t completely understand you. I feel you around me even though I can’t exactly describe what I’m feeling. Sometimes things happen to me and I know that you’re there and I’m humbled by the lack of coincidence that exists in the world. Whatever you want from me, it’s yours — just please help me. You know how I get when I lose control, and I find myself constantly being pulled back there these days.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  16. “Something, somewhere, knows what’s best for me and promises to keep sending me people and experiences to light my way as long as I live in gratitude and keep paying attention to the signs.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  17. “I’ve grown up defined by this desperate, undeniable, ‘can’t breathe’ kind of space inside of myself and I’m afraid that the diagnosis is fatal.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  18. “I could watch him do this until morning — never asking questions and never interrupting his work. I worship quietly — his intense focus and attention to detail and then, out of no where, I realize the inconvenient, inappropriate truth: ‘I love this man… and it has swallowed me.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  19. “I know that this process of ‘me changing my life’ doesn’t just end once I set fire to this list of things I hate about myself. Tonight isn’t as much of a new beginning as it is a violent end and I know the real work hasn’t even started yet.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  20. “I just want your voice aimed at me again. I want to absorb the direction of your eyes…” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

Famous Quotes On Beach Quotes

  1. “I’m going to follow this invisible red thread until I find myself again… until I finally figure out… who I’m meant to be.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  2. “Everything hurts right now and nothing is helping because as the pain is getting worse — so is the love.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  3. “…Then another porpoise broke the water and rolled toward us. A third and fourth porpoise neared. The visitation was something so rare and perfect that we knew by instinct not to speak—and then as quickly as they had come, the porpoises moved away from us…Each of us would remember that all during our lives. It was the purest moment of freedom and headlong exhilaration that I had ever felt. A wordless covenant was set, and I would go back in my imagination, and return to where happiness seemed so easy to touch.” ― Pat Conroy

  4. “I grew up in a utopia, I did. California when I was a child was a child’s paradise, I was healthy, well fed, well clothed, well housed. I went to school and there were libraries with all the world in them and after school I played in orange groves and in Little League and in the band and down at the beach and every day was an adventure. . . . I grew up in utopia.” ― Kim Stanley Robinson

  5. “You have to unhook your seat belt.” “That’s not true.” “I’m afraid it’s difficult to walk on the beach if you’re strapped to a car seat.” ― Nora Roberts

  6. “Be careful… not all are what they seem. Some people pretend to be the beach, but they’re actually quicksand.” ― Steve Maraboli

  7. “Time spent for temporary happiness like movie or outing or weekend on a beach is all synthetic; with shelf life of a day or two. Work for your bigger dreams that should last for whole life. Then movie and beach would seem more interesting, realising that you have done something.” ― Vikrmn

  8. “There can’t possibly be anything more beautiful than Seaside Beach at sunset.” ― Bryn McCarren

  9. “If ever I was running, it was towards you.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  10. “I love him in ways that I can’t explain to other people. They don’t understand… it’s not their fault.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  11. “I really believe that there is an invisible red thread tied between him and me, and that it has stretched and tangled for years — across oceans and lifetimes. I know that it won’t break because our souls are tied.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  12. “I know that your soul is on life support and that you feel lost and like you’re completely spinning out of control, but you’re finding yourself — here, tonight… even in this darkness.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  13. “Your personal truth is your gift to the world.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  14. “I want you to trust yourself, baby. Love is all that matters and you’ve always known that. You’ve known, since you were a very little girl, what your life is meant to be about…” ― Jennifer Elisabeth

  15. “I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.” ― S. Eliot

  16. “My room was in one of those turrets and at night I could hear the sea and the faint rustle of eelgrass in the soft wind. The weather was perfect that summer. No storms. Blue skies and just the right amount of wind every day. The sailors were in heaven.” ― Katherine Hall Page

  17. “Somewhere int he flesh of the earth the dreadful earthquake shuddered, the tide walked to and fro on the leash of the moon, rainbows formed, winds swept the sky like giant brooms piling up clouds before them, clouds which writhed into different shapes, melted into rain or darkened, bruised themselves against an unseen antagonist and went on their way, laced with forking rivers of lightning, complete with white electric tributaries. Out of this infinite vision an infinity of details could be drawn, but Sonny had settled on one, and from the endless series a particular beach was chosen and began to form around Laura – a beach of iron-dark sand and shells like frail stars, and a wonderful wide sea that stretched, neither green nor blue, but inked by the approach of night into violet and black, wrinkling with its own salty puzzles, right out to a distant, pure horizon.” ― Margaret Mahy

  18. “If you’re stuck you could always double up with me at my place. It’s the size of a postage stamp, but the roses are the size of poodles. So it sort of evens out.” -Austin” ― Katherine Applegate

  19. “It’s not the size nor the power of the ocean that amazes me. Rather, it’s the way that something so powerful and immense can repeatedly caress a beach with such tenderness and never tire of doing it.” ― Craig D. Lounsbrough

  20. “As they strolled along the firm part of the beach, Cate paused. She’d been looking at the calm sea ebbing and flowing when she saw a black blob on the surface. “Look, that’s not just a rock, is it?” she asked. Lyall followed her gaze. “I do believe it’s a seal popping up to have a look around.” “Oh, how adorable! I’ve never seen a real one, except at the zoo long ago.” ― Rosemary Gemmell

Keep On Beach Quotes

  1. “The beautiful colourful stones of the beaches must never forget that they shine because of the waves! Let us always honor the things that turn us into something admirable!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

  2. “She is a rose filled guitar sitting by the ocean. Both a cat’s ‘purr’ along with the ‘hiss’. And lastly, a love poem carved into an old birch tree.” ― B. English

  3. “A magician wandered along the beach, but no one needed him.” ― Douglas Adams

  4. “You can look in the dessert if sand, but you will only find find the gem if you really want it” ― Martin M. Stupak

  5. “When the wild wave meets the calm beach, when anger reaches tranquillity, anger disappears, serenity triumphs, the wave experiences enlightenment!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

  6. “The art of sensuality encompassing the exploration and experiencing of all our senses… Those images are being born from and through living the moments of eating favorite chocolate cake with ice-cream, tranquil meditating, walking the beach and feeling the warm breeze on your face and the soothing sand beneath your feet, watching a never repeating its symphony sunset, dancing and feeling your body move through space, smelling flowers in a garden, painting or working with clay, with your fingertips gently touching piano keys or pulling the tense strings of guitar, caressing your ears with the whispers of one’s soul, diving into the depth of loving you eyes, and, joining in a passionate kiss of life…the life of the artist…” ― Artist Emerald

  7. “The waves sweep into us. Their unending rhythm comforts me. These waves were here when we were kids. They were here during my last visit. They were here during all the years I was somewhere else. The waves are here whether I am thinking about them or not. They simply exist. Here before we were born. Here after we die. These waves, rolling in and receding out. Constant.” ― Dallas Woodburn

  8. “I become like a boulder on the beach in a time-lapse video. The sun and moon and stars cross the sky again and again, shadows lengthen and shrink, the tide rushes in and out. The sea heaves in the background, crabs and seabirds flicker in and out of view. Meanwhile, the boulder sits there, stolid, unmoving, all alone, as life whizzes past.” ― Misa Sugiura

  9. “Whatever happens in the rest of this summer, whatever happens the rest of your life, it’s important that you are happy, and stay that way.”, Loving Summer by Kailin Gow” ― Kailin Gow

  10. “The beach reminds us of space. Fine sand grains, all more or less uniform in size, have been produced from the larger rocks through ages of jostling and rubbing, abrasion and erosion, again driven through waves and weather by distinct moon and Sun. The beach also reminds us of time. The world is much older than human species.” ― Carl Sagan

  11. “You’re you. Uniquely, wonderfully you.”, Loving Summer by Kailin Gow” ― Kailin Gow

  12. “My sister said that when the tide was out you could walk all the way to America; the waves pulled back that far. So far that the starfish forgot there ever was an ocean and stiffened with dismay. So far that the seaweed wept itself dry on the rocks with nostalgia.” ― Jess Kidd

  13. “The time must come when this coast (Cape Cod) will be a place of resort for those New-Englanders who really wish to visit the sea-side. At present it is wholly unknown to the fashionable world, and probably it will never be agreeable to them. If it is merely a ten-pin alley, or a circular railway, or an ocean of mint-julep, that the visitor is in search of, — if he thinks more of the wine than the brine, as I suspect some do at Newport, — I trust that for a long time he will be disappointed here. But this shore will never be more attractive than it is now.” ― Henry David Thoreau

  14. “I loved the you inside and out. You make the world better just by being in it. You make me better.”, Loving Summer by Kailin Gow” ― Kailin Gow

  15. “Instead of worrying what others think of you, concentrate on what you care about instead.”, Loving Summer by Kailin Gow” ― Kailin Gow

  16. “I thought about all the places I could spend that break, and frankly, the only one I cared about was here, in your arms. I’m crazy about you, you know.” Loving Summer by Kailin Gow” ― Kailin Gow

  17. “They picked up shells and sea glass, pebbles smooth and white. The wind blew and the surf hissed warm over their toes, sucked the sand from under their soles. The rhythm, the pulse of the sea soothed and electrified.” ― Terri-Lynne DeFino

  18. “How is it that you always know what to do to cheer me up?”
    I shrug, not wanting to give her the real answer, which is simply that I love her.”, Loving Summer by Kailin Gow” ― Kailin Gow

  19. “I guess crushes that have lasted for years don’t go away that easily.”, Loving Summer by Kailin Gow” ― Kailin Gow

  20. “The waves came up towards us, fumbling and gnawing at the beach like an immense soft mouth.” ― Ross Macdonald

Beach Quotes With IMAGES

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