75 Inspirational Surfing Quotes and Sayings

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Surfing Quotes

“My passion for surfing was more than my fear of sharks.” — Bethany Hamilton

“Your surfing can get better on every turn, on every wave you catch. Learn to read the ocean better. A big part of my success has been wave knowledge.” — Kelly Slater

“Surfing is attitude dancing.” — Gerry Lopez

“Surfing for me is more than my lifestyle; it’s my passion, my love, and it’s a part of me.” — Bethany Hamilton

“One of the greatest things about the sport of surfing is that you need only three things: your body, a surf-board, and a wave.” — Naima Green

The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.

“We’re all equal before a wave.” — Laird Hamilton

“Surfing to me is like playing music. You play different melodies with different boards.” — Skip Frye

“Surfing is such an amazing concept. You’re taking on Nature with a little stick and saying, ‘I’m gonna ride you!’ And a lot of times Nature says, ‘No you’re not!’ and crashes you to the bottom.” — Jolene Blalock

“I’m a tropical weather cruiser. I like surfing, you know. I like being on the beach.” — Michael B. Jordan

“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.” — Phil Edwards

Surfing is almost a way to fly.

“Surfing is not an organized sport, but it does have rules. The surfer closest to the curl has the right of way.” — Matt Armstrong

“Never drive away from good surf.” — Roger Sharp

“God created the heavens and the earth, the oceans and the waves for our enjoyment. Surfing is just my way of worshipping Him.” — Bethany Hamilton

“Surf and feel your life be changed forever.” — Nossa Company

“Out of the water, I am nothing.” — Duke Kahanamoku

Out of the water, I am nothing.

“Surfing’s one of the few sports that you look ahead to see what’s behind.” — Laird Hamilton

“To lose your everyday life of surfing and being creative on waves, enjoying the ocean – that’s scary to me. It was essential to at least try surfing again and get out there and see how it went.” — Bethany Hamilton

“There’s an independence to surfing, it’s just you and the ocean. There aren’t a bunch of rules.” — Lee Clow

“Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear.” — Buzzy Trent

“The biggest sin in the world would be if I lost my love for the ocean.” — Laird Hamilton

“Surfing is like life. Every wave and every day are different.” — Unknown

“I still feel like my best surfing is ahead of me.” — Kelly Slater

“It’s Not Tragic To Die Doing Something You Love.” — Mark Foo

“The rule of surfing is never tell anyone where you go.” — John Slattery

“Surfing in crowds is like mind over matter. If I don’t mind it don’t matter.” — Brodus Rogers

If you're having a bad day, catch a wave.

“I’ve committed to surfing the rest of my life.” — Lance Armstrong

“When the surfs up, your life is too.” — Wilhelm Sverdvik

“I don’t see any difference between bodyboarding and surfing – it’s all surfing.” — Tom Morey

“I think when a surfer becomes a surfer, it’s almost like an obligation to be an environmentalist at the same time.” — Kelly Slater

“When life gives you rough waves, surf’em.” — Unknown

30 Inspirational Beach Quotes And Sayings With Images

“I’m excited to go surfing every time. I have fun in any kind of wave in the ocean.” — John John Florence

“I don’t need sponsors. I surf better when I’m broke anyway.” — Dave Parmenter

“Sometimes in the morning, when it’s a good surf, I go out there, and I don’t feel like it’s a bad world.” — Kary Mullis

“You never really know what’s coming. A small wave, or maybe a big one. All you can really do is hope that when it comes, you can surf over it, instead of drown in its monstrosity.” — Alysha Speer

“I feel my absolute best physically, mentally and spiritually when I’m surfing every day.” — Marisa Miller

If you love something, you'll do it until the sun goes down.

“I took off on a wave, went down the side, popped out the other end, and went, shit, I’m still alive!” — Greg Noll

“You can take a surfer out of the surf, but you can not take surf out of surfer.” — Bob McTavish

“I’ve always thought surfing is a reflection of who you are.” — Kelly Slater

“Life is a lot like surfing… When you get caught in the impact zone, you’ve got to just get back up. Because you never know what may be over the next wave.” — Bethany Hamilton

“I Could Say, But I Won’t Say.” — Michael Peterson

“I don’t think anyone gets to the end of their life and wishes they had surfed less.” — Bradley Hook

“Surfing leads you through life, especially when you’re young and with hope in your heart.” — Tom Blake

“It was all balance. But then, she already knew that from surfing.” — Eve Babitz

“It looks easy, like surfing, but surfing is hard too.” — George Eads

“Surfing is the first thing I can remember being consumed by.” — Stephanie Gilmore

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” — Michael Jordan

“I’m surfing the giant life wave.” — William Shatner

“Emotions are waves waiting for a positive attitude to surf them.” — Unknown

“Waves are like women, you can never get enough of them, always want a better, more dangerous one, and occasionally you get dumped.” — Robert Black

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” — Unknown

“What’s the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable.” — Unknown

“The only one whom can whisper to you the ways of the surf, is the wind.” — Wilhelm Sverdvik

“For a surfer, the fluidity of the ocean – of being in it – is what matters.” — Alan ‘Fuz’ Bleakley

“Surfing’s a more profound kind of sport than it looks. When you surf, you learn not to fight the power of nature, even if it gets violent.” — Haruki Murakami

“If you love something, you’ll do it until the sun goes down.” — Unknown

The three most important things in life Surf, surf, surf.

“It’s A Cakewalk, When You Know How.” — Gerry Lopez

“Surfing expresses … a pure yearning for visceral, physical contact with the natural world.” — Matt Warshaw

“As for my own surfing, let’s just say that when the waves start pushing 10 feet, I get this tremendous urge to make a sandwich.” — Bruce Jenkins

“If you’re having a bad day, catch a wave.” — Frosty Hesson

“Surfing’s the source. Can change your life. Swear to god.” — Patrick Swayze

35 Inspirational Ocean Quotes and Sayings with Images

“I Could Not Help Concluding This Man Had The Most Supreme Pleasure While He Was Driven So Fast And So Smoothly By The Sea.” — Captain James Cook

“There is not one right way to ride a wave” — Jamie O’Brien

“Surfing is the most blissful experience you can have on this planet, a taste of heaven.” — John McCarthy

“And when you fall, because you always do fall. When you swim for the beach to catch your board. There’s peace to be found in the shoreward pull with every passing wave.” — Michael Davidow

“The three most important things in life: Surf, surf, surf.” — Unknown

Surfing quotes

“Surfing is almost a way to fly.” — Jeff Hakman

“Surfing and Life hold parallels.” — Elizabeth Salalmanca-Brosig

“Charlie Don’t Surf.” — Lt Col William Kilgore

“I’m Just A Surfer Who Wanted To Build Something That Would Allow Me To Surf Longer..” — Jack O’Neill

“Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.” — Laird Hamilton

“Surfing is for life.” — Bruce Jenkins

“There are a million ways to surf, and as long as you’re smiling, you’re doing it right.” — Unknown

“There is nothing, nothing, more sad than a surfer who used to surf.” — Unknown

“The joy of surfing is so many things combined, from the physical exertion of it, to the challenge of it, to the mental side of the sport.” — Kelly Slater

“I never tired of picturing sharks.” ― Eileen Granfors

“I think of the horizon at midnight, the sky and sea blurring together.” ― Sophie Hardcastle

“I gulped. But, I mean, everyone bends the truth sometimes to be friendly. What’s really weird is that I’m the only one who seems to get in trouble for it. Anyway, what could possibly go wrong this time?” ― Sue Wyshynski

“‪Repel people in your mind and you’ll repel them in your life. See others as above you in your mind and you’ll be below them in your life. Love people in your mind and connect with them in life. The brainwaves we send out are the only ones others will surf back to our shores.‬” ― Curtis Tyrone Jones

“Ability to find the answers is more important than ability to know the answers.” ― Amit Kalantri

“I did not consider, even passingly, that I had a choice when it came to surfing. My enchantment would take me where it would.” ― William Finnegan

“Surfers have a perfection fetish. The perfect wave, etcetera. There is no such thing. Waves are not stationary objects in nature like roses or diamonds. They’re quick, violent events at the end of a long chain of storm action and ocean reaction. Even the most symmetrical breaks have quirks and a totally specific, local character, changing with every shift in tide and wind and swell.” ― William Finnegan

“Our conversation changed. It usually had a busy, must-say-everything edge to it, even during the long, lazy days of waiting for waves on Tavarua. But out in the lineup, once the swells started pumping, large pools of awe seemed to collect around us, hushing us, or reducing us to code and murmurs, as though we were in church. There was too much to say, too much emotion, and therefore nothing to say.” ― William Finnegan

“Researchers surf the wave of human imagination.” ― Steven Magee

“There is this classic thing about surfers as they grow up,’ John McCarthy said one day. ‘The adult surfer says, “Oh yeah, I got the wave and rode it all the way to the beach!” But when you talk to a five year old who has just surfed, he or she will say, “Oh, the wave picked me up and brought me the whole way to the beach.” ― Keith Duggan

“We love surfers for the same reasons we have always admired doctors and pilots and firemen and shamans, for the same reasons we admire excellent soldiers: because despite themselves they have bowed to a force much greater than themselves, which in this case is the wave, and submitted to the gnarly rigors of its discipline. They have allowed themselves to be shaped and polished by the sea. They have given themselves up to this greater force, day after day, year after year. Crushed and punished, battered into something tempered and resilient, and sharpened to an edge by constant refinement. They are warriors in the best sense: by bending to the often brutal demands of surfing they have transformed themselves into beings who can respond to great violence with grace and humility. And beauty.” ― Peter Heller

“But surfing always had this horizon, this fear line, that made it different from other things, certainly from other sports I knew. You could do it with friends, but when the waves got big, or you got into trouble, there never seemed to be anyone around.” ― William Finnegan

“For surfers, being tubed is like being reborn.” ― Robert Black

“The main thing you remember is the noise. All that water cascading around you sounds kind of brutal, kind of dangerous, but time has stopped, so all you do is try to hang on and hope that nature, the ocean, treats you well. I just recall seeing another surfer way down the beach, and then it was all over and I was out, and safe, going wow, wow, that was a gift from nature.” ― Robert Black

“Was ‘surfing’ even what I was doing? I chased waves instinctively, got appropriately stoked when it was good, got thoroughly immersed in working out the puzzle of a new spot. Still, peak moments were, by definition, few and far between. Most sessions were unremarkable. What was consistent was a certain serenity that followed a rigorous session. It was physical, this postsurf mood, but it had a distinct emotionality too. Sometimes it was mild elation. Often it was a pleasant melancholy. After particularly intense tubes or wipeouts, I felt a charged and wild inclination to weep, which could last for hours.” ― William Finnegan

“Who ‘waits for inspiration’ has probably never explored the brain. Its much larger than the entire internet. Writing, however, is partly stalking the big wave, and ride it when it comes. However, the thousands and thousands of blokes sitting at the shoreline trying to create waves by splashing their hands in the surf – it might be what they teach at writer workshops, but the sight is absolutely ghastly.” ― Martijn Benders

“My father liked to tell a story about a day when I got discouraged. From the warmth of the car, he had been watching me flounder — I imagine him smoking his pipe, wearing a big fluffy fisherman’s sweater. I came in, my feet and knees bleeding, stumbling across the rocks, dropping my board, humiliated and exhausted. He told me to go back out and catch three more waves. I refused. He insisted. I could ride them on my knees if necessary, he said. I was furious. But I went back out and caught the waves, and in his version of the story, that was when I became a surfer. If he hadn’t made me go back out that day, I would have quit. He was sure of that.” ― William Finnegan

“I turn and kick with the first one and feel myself being lifted and thrown towards the beach. It’s like wrestling with an old friend, tumbling underneath then coming up for air.” ― Mark Smith

“You were required — this was essential, a matter of survival — to know your limits, both physical and emotional. But how could you know your limits unless you tested them? And if you failed the test? You were also required to stay calm if things went wrong. Panic was the first step, everybody said, to drowning.” ― William Finnegan

“For most surfers, I think—for me, certainly—waves have a spooky duality. When you are absorbed in surfing them, they seem alive. They each have personalities, distinct and intricate, and quickly changing moods, to which you must react in the most intuitive, almost intimate way—too many people have likened riding waves to making love. And yet waves are of course not alive, not sentient, and the lover you reach to embrace may turn murderous without warning. It’s nothing personal. That self-disemboweling death wave on the inside bar is not bloody-minded. Thinking so is just reflex anthropomorphism. Wave love is a one-way street.” ― William Finnegan

“There’s no such thing as a handicap – it’s all in your head” ― Bethany Hamilton

“Montana should come with a surgeon general warning that it’s addictive. The sky is big and blue, and the air is always fresh and crisp and scented with pine. There’s a frontier spirit, but also a calmness, beauty in the landscape that slows your pulse.” ― Robin Bielman

“In a moment I might be under the wave swallowing seawater and small jellyfish, but right now I am an ancient princess of Hawaii, I am a bikini model, I am a goddess before the crest of a monster billow.” ― Wilma Johnson

“Being a spy was something like standing on the south shore fending off a hurricane with a $2 poncho and an umbrella.” ― Lynn Blackmar

“Lex surfed wicked, like the devil. He wasn’t afraid of anything, seemed like. He grinned at West as the waves came up toward them like towers of green glass, an emerald city. We’re off to see the wizard, he shouted. He whooped. His body crouched ready to fly. He shone against the sun.” ― Francesca Lia Block

“There was no place else she’d rather be than slow-dancing on a beach with the sexiest, sweetest, most attentive man she’d ever been with.” ― Robin Bielman

“Zane,” she breathed, and in the back of his mind, he thought, This woman. I want this woman to say my name on the caress of a kiss a thousand more times.” ― Robin Bielman

“He softly kissed her lips. “I’m going to rock your world tonight, and then I’m going to do it again. Only different. You’re going to come undone, Sophie, every which way you can, and i won’t stop until you do.” ― Robin Bielman

“I should have told you the minute I saw you that you look beautiful. I do love the way you look tonight.” ― Robin Bielman

“Being shaken to death by a Hawaiian tourist look-alike was not how Arena imagined her death.” ― Lynn Blackmar

“Internet makes you think that you have millions of friends, whereas you are your own friend.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

“Out of the kitchen, and into the surf.” ― Wilma Johnson

“Take off your dress. Leave the pumps on. Lie down with your hands above your head, don’t move….. oh sweet sugar snaps!” ― Robin Bielman

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