Inspiring Anne Frank Quotes – The Diary of a Young Girl

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Annelies Marie Frank, commonly known as Anne Frank was born on 12 June 1929. She was a German-born diarist and writer. Her diary, The Diary of a Young Girl, which documents her life in hiding during the German occupation in World War II, is one of the world’s most widely known books. She died on February or March 1945 during the war against Jews.

Following are the Inspiring Anne Frank Quotes with images.

Inspiring Quotes from The Diary of a Young Girl

“If There Are Still Jews Left, When It Is Over, Then Jews, Instead Of Being Doomed, Will Be Held Up As An Example.”

“Look At How A Single Candle Can Both Defy And Define The Darkness.”

“In The Long Run, The Sharpest Weapon Of All Is A Kind And Gentle Spirit.”

“We All Live With The Objective Of Being Happy; Our Lives Are All Different And Yet The Same.”

“Have My Parents Forgotten That They Were Young Once? Apparently They Have. At Any Rate, They Laugh At Us When We’re Serious, And They’re Serious When We’re Joking.”

“Human Greatness Does Not Lie In Wealth Or Power, But In Character And Goodness. People Are Just People, And All People Have Faults And Shortcomings, But All Of Us Are Born With A Basic Goodness.”

“You Can Be Lonely Even When You’re Loved By Many People Since You’re Still Not Anybody’s One And Only.”

“Although I’m Only Fourteen, I Know Quite Well What I Want, I Know Who Is Right And Who Is Wrong. I Have My Opinions, My Own Ideas And Principles, And Although It May Sound Pretty Mad From An Adolescent, I Feel More Of A Person Than A Child, I Feel Quite Independent Of Anyone.”

“What Is Done Cannot Be Undone, But One Can Prevent It Happening Again.”

“I’ve Asked Myself Again And Again Whether It Wouldn’t Have Been Better If We Hadn’t Gone Into Hiding, If We Were Dead Now And Didn’t Have To Go Through This Misery, Especially So That The Others Could Be Spared The Burden. But We All Shrink From This Thought. We Still Love Life, We Haven’t Yet Forgotten The Voice Of Nature, And We Keep Hoping, Hoping For . . . Everything.”

“I Don’t Want To Live In Vain Like Most People. I Want To Be Useful Or Bring Enjoyment To All People, Even Those I’ve Never Met. I Want To Go On Living Even After My Death!”

“I Feel Wicked Sleeping In A Warm Bed, While My Dearest Friends Have Been Knocked Down Or Have Fallen Into A Gutter Somewhere Out In The Cold Night. I Get Frightened When I Think Of Close Friends Who Have Now Been Delivered Into The Hands Of The Cruelest Brutes That Walk The Earth. And All Because They Are Jews!”

“Whenever You’re Feeling Lonely Or Sad, Try Going To The Loft On A Beautiful Day And Looking Outside. Not At The Houses And The Rooftops, But At The Sky. As Long As You Can Look Fearlessly At The Sky, You’Ll Know That Your Pure Within And Will Find Happiness Once More.”

“I Don’t Believe That The Big Men, The Politicians And The Capitalists Alone Are Guilty Of The War. Oh, No, The Little Man Is Just As Keen, Otherwise The People Of The World Would Have Risen In Revolt Long Ago! There Is An Urge And Rage In People To Destroy, To Kill, To Murder, And Until All Mankind, Without Exception, Undergoes A Great Change, Wars Will Be Waged, Everything That Has Been Built-Up, Cultivated And Grown, Will Be Destroyed And Disfigured, After Which Mankind Will Have To Begin All Over Again. ”

“Would Anyone, Either Jew Or Non-Jew, Understand This About Me, That I Am Simply A Young Girl Badly In Need Of Some Rollicking Fun?”

“How Noble And Good Everyone Could Be If, Every Evening Before Falling Asleep, They Were To Recall To Their Minds The Events Of The Whole Day And Consider Exactly What Has Been Good And Bad. Then Without Realizing It, You Try To Improve Yourself At The Start Of Each New Day.”

“There’S Only One Rule You Need To Remember: Laugh At Everything And Forget Everybody Else! It Sounds Egotistical, But It’S Actually The Only Cure For Those Suffering From Self-Pity.”

“I Long To Ride A Bike, Dance, Whistle, Look At The World, Feel Young And Know That I’m Free, And Yet I Can’t Let It, Show. Just Imagine What Would Happen If All Eight Of Us Were To Feel Sorry For Ourselves Or Walk Around With The Discontent Clearly Visible On Our Faces. Where Would That Get Us?”

“Sometimes I Think God Is Trying To Test Me, Both Now And In The Future. I’ll Have To Become A Good Person On My Own, Without Anyone To Serve As A Model Or Advise Me, But It’Ll Make Me Stronger In The End.”

“How Wonderful It Is That Nobody Need Wait A Single Moment Before Starting To Improve The World.”

“It’s Really A Wonder That I Haven’t Dropped All My Ideals, Because They Seem So Absurd And Impossible To Carry Out. Yet I Keep Them, Because, In Spite Of Everything, I Still Believe That People Are Really Good At Heart.”

“Whoever Is Happy Will Make Others Happy.”

“Riches, Prestige, Everything Can Be Lost. But The Happiness In Your Own Heart Can Only Be Dimmed; It Will Always Be There, As Long As You Live, To Make You Happy Again.”

“I Want Friends, Not Admirers. People Who Respect Me For My Character And My Deeds, Not My Flattering Smile. The Circle Around Me Would Be Much Smaller, But What Does That Matter, As Long As They’re Sincere?”

“I’ve Learned One Thing: You Only Really Get To Know A Person After A Fight. Only Then Can You Judge Their True Character!”

“Everyone Has Inside Of Him A Piece Of Good News. The Good News Is That You Don’t Know How Great You Can Be! How Much You Can Love! What You Can Accomplish! And What Your Potential Is!”

“To Be Honest, I Can’t Imagine How Anyone Could Say I’m Weak And Then Stay That Way. If You Know That About Yourself, Why Not Fight It, Why Not Develop Your Character?”

“Be Brave! Let’s Remember Our Duty And Perform It Without Complaint. There Will Be A Way Out. God Has Never Deserted Our People. Through The Ages Jews Have Had To Suffer, But Through The Ages, They’Ve Gone On Living, And The Centuries Of Suffering Have Only Made Them Stronger.”

“Mother Has Said That She Sees Us More As Friends Than As Daughters. That’s All Very Nice, Of Course, Except That A Friend Can’t Take The Place Of A Mother. I Need My Mother To Set A Good Example And Be A Person I Can Respect, But In Most Matters, She’s An Example Of What Not To Do.”

“Who Would Ever Think That So Much Went On In The Soul Of A Young Girl?”

“I’m Honest And Tell People Right To Their Faces What I Think, Even When It’s Not Very Flattering. I Want To Be Honest; I Think It Gets You Further And Also Makes You Feel Better About Yourself.”

“Think Of All The Beauty Still Left Around You And Be Happy.”

“I Want To Go On Living Even After My Death! And That’s Why I’m So Grateful To God For Having Given Me This Gift, Which I Can Use To Develop Myself And To Express All That’s Inside Me! I Can Shake Off Everything If I Write, My Sorrows Disappear, My Courage Is Reborn.”

“We Have Many Reasons To Hope For Great Happiness, But . . . We Have To Earn It. And That’s Something You Can’t Achieve By Taking The Easy Way Out. Earning Happiness Means Doing Good And Working, Not Speculating And Being Lazy. Laziness May Look Inviting, But Only Work Gives You True Satisfaction.”

“People Can Tell You To Keep Your Mouth Shut, But That Doesn’t Stop You From Having Your Own Opinion. Even If People Are Still Very Young, They Shouldn’t Be Prevented From Saying What They Think.”

“I’ve Found That There Is Always Some Beauty Left – In Nature, Sunshine, Freedom, In Yourself; These Can All Help You. Look At These Things, Then You Find Yourself Again, And God, And Then You Regain Your Balance.”

“As Long As This Exists, This Sunshine And This Cloudless Sky, And As Long As I Can Enjoy It, How Can I Be Sad?”

“I Don’t Think Of All The Misery, But Of The Beauty That Still Remains.”

“I See The World Gradually Being Turned Into A Wilderness. I Hear The Ever-Approaching Thunder, Which Will Destroy Us Too. I Can Feel The Sufferings Of Millions And Yet, If I Look Up Into The Heavens, I Think That It Will All Come Right.”

“It’s A Wonder I Haven’t Abandoned All My Ideals, They Seem So Absurd And Impractical. Yet I Cling To Them Because I Still Believe, In Spite Of Everything, That People Are Truly Good At Heart.”

“It’S Difficult In Times Like These: Ideals, Dreams And Cherished Hopes Rise Within Us, Only To Be Crushed By Grim Reality. It’S Really A Wonder That I Haven’t Dropped All My Ideals, Because They Seem So Absurd And Impossible To Carry Out. Yet I Keep Them, Because, In Spite Of Everything, I Still Believe That People Are Really Good At Heart.”

“In Spite Of Everything, I Still Believe That People Are Really Good At Heart.”

“If We Bear All This Suffering And If There Are Still Jews Left, When It Is Over, Then Jews, Instead Of Being Doomed, Will Be Held Up As An Example.”

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