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World Deaf Day is celebrated on 28 September to support and motivate people who are deaf. September is National Month of Deaf People.”

Following are the 69 inspiration deafness quotes with images.

Deafness Quotes

“How many deaf people do you know in real life? Unless they live in a cave, or are 14, which seems to be true for most people in this business, what could I possibly tell them that they don’t already know?” » Marlee Matlin

“Thou shalt not curse the deaf, nor put a stumbling block before the blind, but shalt fear thy God: I am the LORD.” » Bible

“Kindness, a language deaf people can hear and blind see.” » Mark Twain

“One of the reasons I wanted to teach deaf children was because it made me very sad that they spoke so clumsily and that they moved with less grace that I knew was possible of deaf people.” » Stephanie Beacham

“At Gallaudet, deafness isn’t an issue. You don’t even think about it. Students can pay attention to accounting or psychology or journalism. But when a deaf person goes to another college, no matter how supportive it is, that person doesn’t get the same access.” » I. King Jordan

“Music is universal too. Even deaf people like to dance, love rhythm, and can kind of pick it up.” » Rainn Wilson

“We have made mistakes. In our haste to do all things for all people, we did not foresee the full consequences of our actions. And when the people raised their voices, we didn’t hear. But our deafness was only a temporary condition, and not an irreversible condition.

“Deaf people are struggling to find their favorite show or something that represents them. It’s hard. There are some examples of shows that have a deaf storyline in one episode, like Cold Case, or another show where they are focusing on the cochlear implant or the medical aspect.” » Sean Berdy

“During a visit to California, when a friend of my grandmother’s told my parents that I must be deaf because I was not responding to sounds, my father was absolutely convinced that I was simply being stubborn.” » Marlee Matlin

“I know deaf people. I have discussed the issues with them I’ve also thought about them a lot so I have some insights that go a little further than people who haven’t had contact with the deaf community.” » Richard Masur

“I’m not really deaf; I just faked it to win the Oscar … KIDDING.” » Marlee Matlin

“I have always thought it would be a blessing if each person could be blind and deaf for a few days during his early adult life. Darkness would make him appreciate sight; silence would teach him the joys of sound.” » Helen Keller

“One of the things I did when I was in New York, which has a wonderful deaf community, is I have worked on making Broadway more accessible to deaf people.” » Camryn Manheim

“I know a little bit about deaf culture because a friend of mine has been in the deaf culture for awhile. Over the course of 25 years, she and I have talked about many of the issues and concerns for deaf people and deaf culture.” » John Scalzi

“The problem is not that the students do not hear. The problem is that the hearing world does not listen.” » Rev. Jesse Jackson

“There is no relation to sound for deaf people. It is a totally different mental process.” » Richard Masur

“All disputation makes the mind deaf; and when people are deaf, I am dumb.” » Joseph Joubert

“The only thing I can’t do is hear. I can drive, I have a life with four kids, I work on TV, I do movies, so the deafness question, is it that they want to know because, what? Not sure.” » Marlee Matlin

“The plain man is familiar with blindness and deafness, and knows from his everyday experience that the look of things is influenced by his senses; but it never occurs to him to regard the whole world as the creation of his senses.” » Ernst Mach

“Deaf people can do anything hearing people can, except hear.” » Dr. King Jordan

“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.” » Flora Lewis

“I hope I inspire people who hear. Hearing people have the ability to remove barriers that prevent deaf people from achieving their dreams.” » Marlee Matlin

“On the other hand, there are only so many people who really knew how she was exactly, like what did her accent sound like, and the fact that she developed profound deafness when she was first running the Harriet Lane.” » Mary Stuart Masterson

“This meeting was like many of the meetings that I would go to over the course of two years. The only way I can describe it is that, well, the president is like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people. There is no discernible connection.” » Paul O’Neill

“I’m the only one in my family who is deaf, and there are still conversations that go around me that I miss out on. And I ask what’s going on, and I have to ask to be included. But I’m not going to be sad about it. I don’t live in sad isolation. It’s just a situation I’m used to.” » Marlee Matlin

“I’ve always wanted to write a book relating my experiences growing up as a deaf child in Chicago. Contrary to what people might think, it wasn’t all about hearing aids and speech classes or frustrations.” » Marlee Matlin

“I hope that through my example, such as my role on ‘The West Wing,’ I can help change attitudes on deafness and prove we can really do everything… except hear.” » Marlee Matlin

“A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.” » Michel de Montaigne

“I like to say that the greatest handicap of deafness does not lie in the ear, it lies in the mind. I hope that through my example, such as my role on ‘The West Wing,’ I can help change attitudes on deafness and prove we can really do everything… except hear.” » Marlee Matlin

“Just a thought….it is interesting to see that DEAF people can function in the hearing world very well while hearing people cannot function well in the DEAF world..” » Gil Eastman

“I am fourth-generation deaf, which means everyone in my immediate family is deaf. So I grew up always having 100 percent accessibility to language and communication, which was wonderful and something so many deaf people don’t have.” » Shoshannah Stern

“John Glenn’s father, known as Herschel, was mostly deaf from injuries in World War I. To help out at home, young Glenn sold rhubarb all over town from the family garden.” » Bill Dedman

“There are many deaf people who couldn’t imagine living in a marriage without someone who doesn’t speak their language. For me, I believe that hearing or deaf is fine as long as both parties are willing to communicate in each other’s language. But if there’s no communication, then the marriage, I believe, will be difficult if not doomed.” » Marlee Matlin

“When I learned to sign and speak at the same time, the whole world opened up to me. That’s the beauty of encouraging kids who are deaf to use whatever it takes to communicate.” » Marlee Matlin

“Metaphorical tone deafness is when people are unable to discern what is of value in something. I think I’m tone deaf to poetry, for instance. Despite having studied it into a second year of university, most of it just leaves me cold.” » Julian Baggini

“There are so many people, deaf or otherwise abled, who are so talented but overlooked or not given a chance to even get their foot in the door.” » Marlee Matlin

“All I can say is I’ve been reading the lips of bleeped-out words, angry baseball players, and stoned-out rock stars on awards shows for years and it’s been hilarious. Everyone is always asking me what the bleeped-out parts are saying.” » Marlee Matlin

“Differences among deaf people are okay, but we need to recognize those differences and work together.” » I. King Jordan

“I placed over a thousand deaf people in jobs throughout my career working for the deaf.” » Camryn Manheim

“Signs are to eyes what words are to ears.” » Ken Glickman

“You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.” » Geoffrey Willans

“A different language is a different vision of life.” » Federico Fellini

“If one can only see things according to one’s own belief system, one is destined to become virtually deaf, dumb, and blind.” » Robert Anton Wilson

“I think the deafness affects me more than I realise; I think it makes me more tired. I loathe parties. I attend, smile and leave.” » Stephanie Beacham

“Hear the birds? Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m deaf and I try to imagine what it’s like not to be able to hear them. It’s not that bad.” » Larry David

“No one is as deaf as the man who will not listen..” » Jewish Probverb

“Only dumb hearing people think that deaf people are dumb.”

“People after death become complete again. The blind can see, the deaf can hear, cripples are no longer crippled after all their vital signs have ceased to exist.” » Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

“Instant messaging and chat rooms have basically created a level playing field for deaf people.” » Vint Cerf

“None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see.” » Matthew Henry

“I live my life like everyone else; everyone has their own obstacles. Mine is deafness.” » Marlee Matlin

“Sign language is the noblest gift God has given to deaf people.” » George Veditz

“By deafness one gains in one respect more than one loses; one misses more nonsense than sense.” » Horace Walpole

“Most profoundly deaf people have speech that is very difficult to understand.” » Richard Masur

“Making the world a better place for the next Deaf generation—and for Deaf people now.” » Matthew S. Moore

“The most happy marriage I can picture or imagine to myself would be the union of a deaf man to a blind woman.” » Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world.” » Ludwig Wittgenstein

“Trust is not simply a matter of truthfulness, or even constancy. It is also a matter of amity and goodwill. We trust those who have our best interests at heart, and mistrust those who seem deaf to our concerns.” » Gary Hamel

“By the way, I have a Mercedes 500 ACL. I’m rich and deaf, thank you very much.” » CJ Jones

“As long as we have deaf people on earth, we will have signs. And as long as we have our films, we can preserve signs in their old purity. It is my hope that we will all love and guard our beautiful sign language as the noblest gift God has given to deaf people.” » George Veditz

“Think you of the fact that a deaf person cannot hear. Then, what deafness may we not all possess? What senses do we lack that we cannot see and cannot hear another world all around us?” » Frank Herbert

“The Deaf believe there is nothing wrong… The hearing believe something needs to be fixed.”

“But people who think they can project themselves into deafness are mistaken because you can’t. And I’m not talking about imagining what a deaf person’s whole life is like I even mean just realizing what it is like for an instant.” » Richard Masur

“The handicap of deafness is not in the ear; it is in the mind.” » Marlee Matlin

“Sign language is useful to the deaf but vital to the Italians.” » Paul Carvel

“The students at Gallaudet University deserve our congratulations. They educated the nation about deafness, and won a long overdue victory for all disabled people.” » Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis

“It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.” » Walter Lippmann

“People are going deaf because music is played louder and louder, but because they’re going deaf, it has to be played louder still.” » Milan Kundera

“I actually think the deafness makes you see clearer. If you can’t hear, you somehow see.” » David Hockney

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