60 Amazing 4 Month Anniversary Messages, Quotes, And Wishes

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Looking for happy four month anniversary messages to celebrate? We have rounded up the amazing collection of romanctic 4 month anniversary messages, quotes, sayings, one-liners, captions (with images and pictures) to celebrate the special bond and appreciate the moments spent with your partner/friends.

Happy 4 Month Anniversary Messages

  1. “Happy four month anniversary my love.”
  2. “Happy four month anniversary. Love you. xoxoxo”
  3. “I want the last four months of togetherness to last forever.”
  4. “Nothing makes me happier than making you long for my love.”
  5. “The memory of the last four months makes me want a lot more.”
  6. “These four months made me ready to spend a lifetime with you.”
  7. “I love you. Happy 4 month anniversary baby. You are my world.”
  8. “These past four months are by far the most beautiful time of my life.”
  9. “You understand me so well that it feels like you have known me for ages.”
  10. “It’s amazing how close we have become to each other in just four months.”
  11. “My life didn’t feel complete before I met you, four months ago today.”
  12. “Keep calm and happy 4 month anniversary to my beautiful boyfriend.”
  13. “Let’s spend our four months anniversary hoping for an even better future.”
  14. “I was so happy that I didn’t even realize that it’s been four months already.”
  15. “Every single moment of these last four months has been awesome by your side.”
  16. “These four months I have spent in discovering the many bonds we share together.”
  17. “The angels celebrate with us as we reach this milestone today. Happy 4 month anniversary to us.”
  18. “I am so lucky to have you as my husband and this is the best day in my life. Happy anniversary to you my dear.”
  19. “Happy four month anniversary! To the woman who gives me more love every day than I ever deserve. I love you!”
  20. “Happy 4- month anniversary to the one who graciously puts up with all my crazy! I love you, my sweet pumpkin!”
  21. “The last four months have been wonderful in the real sense of it. And in every corner and corridor of my heart, I love you.”
  22. “No one can make me feel the way you do. Thank you for being the centre of my happiness. Happy four-month anniversary!”
  23. “You’re my memory and my future. Everything centres on you. Happy four month anniversary to us. I live for you, my love.”
  24. “Today, our relationship is four months old, and I know it’s just the beginning of a beautiful love story we are writing together.”
  25. “4 months and yet I feel like we’ve been together so much longer! Everything is so simple with you, I love you a bit more everyday!”
  26. “You are truly a blessing from God. Thank you for being my partner, spouse, lover, and friend. Happy four month anniversary.”
  27. “Let’s celebrate the magic we had back then, still have right now, and will always have forevermore! Happy four month anniversary!”
  28. “I am very happy to know it’s been four months since I met the man of my dreams. That man is you, sweetie. Happy anniversary!”
  29. “Happy four month anniversary, sweet. I am so glad that I get to have you in my life. You are a blessing to me, and that I can’t deny.”
  30. “Four months and yet I feel like we’ve been together so much longer! Everything is so simple with you, I love you a bit more every day!”
  31. “Happy four months anniversary, sweetheart! You are the best thing that ever happened to me, you are the love of my life. I love you dearly.”
  32. “4 months, 121 days, 2,920 hours, 175,200 minutes of enchantment I owe to our mutual love, I’m so lucky to have you by my side, my love!”
  33. “It never occurred to me on our first meeting that you’d turn out to be my source of peace and joy. Happy four months of awesomeness, baby.”
  34. “Our anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together. Happy four month anniversary!”
  35. “I appreciate your love, understanding, listening, humor, flexibility and energy. I know loving me is hard work. Happy four months anniversary!”
  36. “An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. Happy four months anniversary!”
  37. “I love doing this to you, and that’s making you fall in love with me. I love seeing your smiling face. Happy four month anniversary to you and me.”
  38. “Happy four month anniversary to the woman who gives me more love every day than I even deserve. Let’s make our marriage more awesome!”
  39. What I realized in the past four months is that, If you ask me to take a walk with you, I’ll take a lifetime with you. Happy four months anniversary!”
  40. “Love of my life, today we meet for the four month anniversary and I want to renew my promise to make you the happiest woman on earth, I love you!”
  41. “Four months!!! Thank you, my love, for all these moments of pure happiness. And I hope it will last a super humongous long time, I love you so much!”
  42. “It doesn’t matter where you go in life, what you do… It’s who you have beside you. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Happy 4 month anniversary!”
  43. “We may have changed since we first met four months ago, but through that, we have only grown closer. I love you so much! Happy anniversary sweetheart.”
  44. Today, our relationship is 4 months old, and I know it’s just the beginning of a beautiful love story we are writing together. Happy four month anniversary!”
  45. You and I together for four months is one more step to our destination filled with happiness and eternal love. Happy four month anniversary, my love.”
  46. “Thank you so much for being so much of a positive influence in my life, I hope there are more years for us to be together. Happy four-month anniversary, darling.”
  47. “Even after 20 years, I’ve never known anyone more beautiful, more kind and more loving than you. Happy four month anniversary to my one and only true love.”
  48. “On our four-month anniversary, I promise to love you always. You are the woman I love and I cherish each day we spend together. May our marriage last forever!”
  49. “There is no words to express the love I feel for you. All the moments we live together are magical. You everything to me, my love. Happy 4 month anniversary!”
  50. “I always knew something was missing from my life until I met you. Thank you for entering my life and making it better and more fulfilled. Happy four months anniversary!”
  51. “Friendship and love, that’s what makes lovers. These four months being with you has given me love, joy, peace and a friend to talk to whenever I desire. Happy four months.”
  52. “In these four months many things have happened and we were able to overcome them without difficulties because our love is true, today is our anniversary, live happily!”
  53. “May our journey of love continue to be a great one. May the road ahead of us be full of love, care and understanding. Happy four-month anniversary to my better half.”
  54. “4 months of us being together, 4 months of daily seduction, I discover and rediscover you with every passing day and will never grow tired of it! Happy four month anniversary!”
  55. “4 months!!! Thank you my love for all these moments of pure happiness. And I hope it will last a super humongously long time, I love you so much. Happy 4 month anniversary!”
  56. “It’s been four months now since I started getting genuine love, affection, happiness, and friendship. I hope we get to celebrate more time together. Happy four month anniversary, darling.”
  57. “At your side, everything seems more beautiful, easier! I have to pinch myself everyday to make sure I’m not in a dream, and 4 months of daily pinching is starting to hurt! Quick, I need a magic kiss!”
  58. “Thank you for making time for us to be together for the comfort of your arms and a caring heart for all the special moments we share together… I wish both of us a very happy four month anniversary!”
  59. “Happy for month anniversary! From the first moment that you entered my life, you started making it better in ways that i never knew anyone could. Thank you for staying by my side all this while, and I love you.”
  60. “Happy 4 months, my soulmate! It is wonderful remembering the day we first met, Our first hug. Everything seems magical beside you. I can’t express how happy I am having you in my life. Love you, sweetheart!”

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