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Are you feeling sad and emotionally helpless? Looking for quotes that might describe your helplessness? We have rounded up the best feeling helpless quotes, sayings, captions (with images and pictures) which you can resonate with.


  1. “If you feel weak and helpless, you can always find help.”
  2. “If you are feeling helpless, help someone.” – Aung San Suu Kyi
  3. “What a caterpillar calls the end, the master calls it the butterfly.”
  4. “He seems trapped, helpless and furious, a feeling I know all too well.”
  5. “There is no pain greater than feeling helpless in the face of a loved ones.” – Unknown
  6. “It will make you feel empty and helpless, and this is where you will stay.”
  7. “I hate the feeling when I really want to help but there’s nothing I can do.”
  8. “There is no pain greater than to be helpless in the face of a loved one’s suffering.”
  9. “If you show the frustration of life on the face, people will not even come to you for help.”
  10. “Living in a depression can make you feel deprived of your own power and hope for the future.”
  11. “We start to think about whether we live in the wrong world, where we live, and helpless thoughts.” – Unknown
  12. “The people in my group, feeling helpless, were both fascinated and overwhelmed at the same time.”
  13. “You are worried about the people and things you might lose, but at the same time you feel powerless.”
  14. “People grow up alone, and this strong sense of isolation makes them feel that no one understands them.”
  15. “When we put these situations in front of us, we all feel frustrated many times and sometimes feel helpless.”
  16. “When you start to feel trapped and helpless, close your eyes and you have more space to get to where you need to be.”
  17. “Someone like me shouldn’t be human. Someone with my luck ought to be little less helpless.” – Stephenie Meyer
  18. “Maybe it’s just an act of prayer and the feeling that someone there is listening to us makes us feel better and less helpless.”
  19. “Fate has funny way of testing a persons’ will either by doing nothing at all or by having everything happen to a person at once.”
  20. “You ever feel helpless? Well I have. And then I swore to not to feel that again but here I am again and again.” – Amateur writer
  21. “The suffering of the loved one was in many ways worse than the suffering he endured because it left a feeling of helplessness.”
  22. “I don’t know if there is a greater sense of helplessness than trying to reach out to someone you love who is trapped underground.”
  23. “I know what it means to feel alone and helpless, and the last thing you want to feel in a situation like this is that everything will be fine.”
  24. “The suffering of a loved one was in many ways worse than one’s one suffering because it left one feeling so very helpless.” – Mary Balogh
  25. “A helpless person is one who is helpless to reform himself. A hopeless man sees the difficulties in his life and gives up, while hopeful people have difficulties.”
  26. “You feel hollow and helpless, and that remains the case. I think it’s because you’re scared and you feel helpless, so you try to do things that you still find difficult.”
  27. “One of the worst feelings is feeling helpless. To realize in certain situations you’re completely and totally powerless. That you gotta try to roll with the hard punches life will throw.”
  28. “If your mind is constantly negative and marked by fear, mistrust and feelings of helplessness, even if your best friends are pleasant and the atmosphere is pleasant, your surroundings will not be happy.”
  29. “Grief is perhaps an unknown territory for you. You might feel both helpless and hopeless without a sense of a “map” for the journey. Confusion is the hallmark of a transition. To rebuild both your inner and outer world is a major project.” – Anne Grant


  1. “I feel empty inside.”
  2. “I feel like dying when I’m helpless.” – Stan Laurel
  3. “When anxiety arises. You will enter a vicious circle.”
  4. “I stare blankly at the wall, and it doesn’t matter what you tell me.”
  5. “Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?” – Rumi
  6. “It’s alright to feel helpless sometimes, as long as you know you are loved.”
  7. “Hiding your feelings (or lack of feelings, numbness) will not help you heal.”
  8. “Feeling helpless is the worst feeling ever encountered with.” – Sanjucta Roy
  9. “When you accept or ask things from someone, it doesn’t make you helpless.”
  10. “Pain… Being helpless about a problem of the one you care.” – Achu Chakravarthy
  11. “Sometimes your heart needs some time to accept what your brain already knows.”
  12. “This is painful. it’s tough because you feel helpless. You can’t help your child.” – Yannick Noah
  13. “If you feel like you are not functioning normally, it may be due to depression with symptoms of brain fog.”
  14. “The hardest part is when you can’t do anything about it and you know that you would do something if you could.”
  15. “The hardest part of being a parent is watching a child go through something really tough and not being able to fix it for them.”
  16. “Life has a way of testing a persons will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen at once.” – Paulo Coelho
  17. “The greatest agony, my dear, is to watch your loved ones in pain. The helplessness is equivalent to 1000 stab wounds.” – Saru Singhal
  18. “If there’s a more helpless feeling than trying to reach someone you love who’s trapped underground, I don’t know it.” – Suzanne Collins
  19. “Reliving in hope doesn’t mean that you’re helpless. All it means is that you still choose to see the light, even in your darkest moments.” – RH
  20. “Switch your mentality from “I’m broken and helpless” to “I’m growing and healing” and watch how your life changes, for the better.” – Word Porn
  21. “I think that being vulnerable is about feeling helpless, or powerless… it’s about allowing myself to be in a place where I could be hurt.” – Sadie Calvano
  22. “We know that our world is corrupt and diseased but we’re tired of being cynical and feeling helpless. What the hell, tilt at a windmill.” – Cynthia Heimel
  23. “It’ll leave you feeling hollow and helpless, and there is where you’ll stay. Ain’t it funny child, love sometimes leaves you as dead as yesterday.” – Zakk Wylde
  24. “A reprisal of this magnitude… has never been carried out before. I paced back and forth in my room perplexed and completely depressed, feeling helpless.” – Moshe Sharett
  25. “The mind wants to forget because it weighs so much on the heart and soul. I am tired of crying and feeling so helpless. I want to breathe again – just for a little while.” – Angelina Jolie
  26. “The worst feeling was helplessness. I’m done being helpless. I need to be on the front line. Few other things can occupy my mind. I can’t read books. I can’t watch movies. They can’t distract me from the hurt.” – Stephen Push
  27. “Lazy doesn’t exist. Lazy is a symptom of something else. The person who can’t get up off their butt is just a person who’s depressed. It’s usually a pervasive lack of self-worth, or a feeling of helplessness.” – Jillian Michaels
  28. “Helplessness is such a rotten feeling. There’s nothing you can do about it. Being helpless is like being paralyzed. It’s sickness. The cure calls for a monumental effort to stand up and start walking somewhere, anywhere. But that takes some doing.” – Chuck Barris
  29. “I don’t know if I understood the concept of hell on earth, until I journeyed through grief and loss. When all feels helpless….when the world feels dark, and you pray that you won’t wake up each day…that’s hell on earth. When you survive it, life is forever changed.” – Zoe Clark-Coates
  30. “Always remember that behind every strong and independent woman, there are days when she was alone and helpless. There are lessons she has learned from life and there are stories of battles and struggles which she has fought alone. Beneath the shield of confidence and strength there is a plethora of sadness and pain which she has endured.” – Aarti Khurana



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