Crime Quotes

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Following are the 67 Crime Quotes and Criminal Quotes with images.


Crime Quotes – Criminal Quotes

“Every rascal is not a thief, but every thief is a rascal.” » Aristotle

“Crime is to man as fleas are to dog, the likelihood of its presence increases as the quality of one’s personal circumstances decreases.” » Jerome P. Brabb

“All, all is theft, all is unceasing and rigorous competition in nature; the desire to make off with the substance of others is the foremost – the most legitimate – passion nature has bred into us and, without doubt, the most agreeable one.” » Marquis De Sade

“The man that does not fear punishment, little regards crime.” » Norman Macdonald

“For centuries the death penalty, often accompanied by barbarous refinements, has been trying to hold crime in check; yet crime persists.” » Albert Camus Crime Stories

“From each crime are born bullets that will one day seek out in you where the heart lies.” » Pablo Neruda

“Like art and politics, gangsterism is a very important avenue of assimilation into society.” » E. L. Doctorow

“Crime and bad lives are the measure of a State’s failure, all crime in the end is the crime of the community.” » H. G. Wells

“Few criminals die sensible of their crimes.” » Norman Macdonald

“There is no such crime as a crime of thought; there are only crimes of action.” » Clarence Darrow

“After all, crime is only a left-handed form of human endeavor.” » John Huston

“He reminds me of the man who murdered both his parents, and then when the sentence was about to be pronounced, pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was orphan.” » Abraham Lincoln

“There are crimes which become innocent, and even glorious, through their splendor, number, and excess: Hence it is, that public theft is called Address, and to seize on Provinces unjustly, to make Conquests.” » FrançOis De La Rochefoucauld

“He threatens many that hath injured one.” » Ben Johnson

“Commit a crime, and the earth is made of glass.” » Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Crime is naught but misdirected energy.” » Emma Goldman

“It is certain that stealing nourishes courage, strength, skill, tact, in a word, all the virtues useful to a republican system and consequently to our own. Lay partiality aside, and answer me: is theft, whose effect is to distribute wealth more evenly, to be branded as a wrong in our day, under our government which aims at equality? Plainly, the answer is no.” » Marquis De Sade

“Many commit the same crime with a different destiny; one bears a cross as the price of his villainy, another wears a crown.”

“Save a thief from the gallows and he will cut your throat.”

“A burglar who respects his art always takes his time before taking anything else.” » O. Henry Porter

“I think crime pays. The hours are good, you meet a lot of interesting people, you travel a lot.” » Woody Allen

“How vainly shall we endeavor to repress crime by our barbarous punishment of the poorer class of criminals so long as children are reared in the brutalizing influences of poverty, so long as the bite of want drives men to crime.” » Henry George

“Crimes of which a people is ashamed constitute its real history. The same is true of man.” » Jean Genet

“No punishment has ever possessed enough power of deterrence to prevent the commission of crimes. On the contrary, whatever the punishment, once a specific crime has appeared for the first time, its reappearance is more likely than its initial emergence could ever have been.” » Hannah Arendt

“There are crimes that, like frost on flowers, in one single night destroy character and reputation.” » Henry Ward Beecher

“He who commits injustice is ever made more wretched than he who suffers it.” » Plato

“Almost all crime is due to the repressed desire for aesthetic expression.” » Evelyn Waugh

“Locks keep out only the honest.” » Jewish Proverb

“Many writers claim that nearly all crime is caused by economic conditions, or in other words that poverty is practically the whole cause of crime. Endless statistics have been gathered on this subject which seem to show conclusively that property crimes are largely the result of the unequal distribution of wealth. But crime of any class cannot be safely ascribed to a single cause. Life is too complex, heredity is too variant and imperfect, too many separate things contribute to human behavior, to make it possible to trace all actions to a single cause.” » Clarence Darrow

“Crimes, like virtues, are their own rewards.” » George Farquhar

“If poverty is the mother of crime, lack of good sense is the father.” » Jean De La Bruyere

“The infectiousness of crime is like that of the plague.” » Napoleon Bonaparte

“Crime is as much a condition as an intention.” » Lewis F. Korns

“There is one, and only one, thing in modern society more hideous than crime–namely, repressive justice.” » Simone Weil

“Great thieves punish little ones.”

“What do you think, would not one tiny crime be wiped out by thousands of good deeds?” » Fyodor Dostoevsky

“He that is robbed, not wanting what is stolen, him not know t, and he’s not robbed at all.” » William Shakespeare

“Crimes exalted into laws become therefore the more odious; just as the false gods of heathenism, when set up of old on the altar of Jehovah, shocked his true worshippers the more by usurping so conspicuously the honors due to him alone.” » William E. Channing

“Abscond. To ”move” in a mysterious way, commonly with the property of another.” » Ambrose Bierce

“Pardon one offence and you encourage the commission of many.” » Publilius Syrus

“Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.” » Aristole Crazy Crime Laws

“It is because they took the easy way out that rivers, and people, go crooked.” » Jill Peterson

“Not failure, but low aim, is crime.” » James Russell Lowell

“He who helps the guilty, shares the crime.” » Publilius Syrus

“From a single crime know the nation.” » Virgil

“Crime expands according to our willingness to put up with it.” » Barry J. Farber

“Crime when it succeeds is called virtue.” » Seneca

“Many a man is saved from being a thief by finding everything locked up.” » Edgar Watson Howe

“All criminals turn preachers under the gallows.

“A crime persevered in a thousand centuries ceases to be a crime, and becomes a virtue. This is the law of custom, and custom supersedes all other forms of law.” » Mark Twain

“Crime is a logical extension of the sort of behaviour that is often considered perfectly respectable in legitimate business.” » Robert Rice

“Crime is a fact of the human species, a fact of that species alone, but it is above all the secret aspect, impenetrable and hidden. Crime hides, and by far the most terrifying things are those which elude us.” » Georges Bataille

“Crime and punishment grow out of one stem. Punishment is a fruit that, unsuspected, ripens with the flower of the pleasure that concealed it.” » Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The crime and not the scaffold makes the shame.” » Pierre Corneille

“He has committed the crime who profits by it.” » Seneca

“Crime generally punishes itself.” » Oliver Goldsmith

“Set a thief to catch a thief.”

“He 63 ways of getting money, the most common, most honorable ones being staling, thieving, and robbing.” » Frantois Rabelais

“Crime has always been a regrettably consistent element of the human experience.” » Mark Frost

“One crime has to be concealed by another.” » Seneca the Younger

“Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is also true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.” » John F. Kennedy

“All men have crimes, and most of them are hidden.” » Maxwell Anderson

“He confesses his crime who flees the tribunal.” » Publilius Syrus

“In times of trouble leniency becomes crime.” Crime Facts

“Crime is terribly revealing. Try and vary your methods as you will, your tastes, your habits, your attitude of mind, and your soul is revealed by your actions.” » Agatha Christie

“If a man should wanton walk with crime … he shall find in death no great deliverance.” » Aeschylus

“What a position of transcendent horror must that be, where the perpetrator of a great crime, till then a stranger to positive guilt, finds himself suddenly cut off, and forever, from all human sympathy, isolated from hope, the tenant of a solitary cell, and with a wide, impassable gulf yawning between him and that great brotherhood of which he has ceased to be a part–no longer regarded as a man, but as a monster in the shape of one, from whom Mercy herself turns away, and for whom Pity even has no tears!” » Christian Nestell Bovee

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