40 Birthday Countdown Quotes For Friends And Family

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Looking for the amazing quotes for your friend’s birthday countdown? We have rounded up the amazing collection of birthday countdown quotes, wishes, sayings, greetings, captions, (with images and pictures) to start a bit earlier for your friend’s or loved one’s birthday? A birthday countdown message will help you to send wishes to your loved one before others do.


Birthday Countdown Quotes And Wishes

  1. “Get excited only 1 day to go.”
  2. “Keep calm… And let birthday countdown begin.”
  3. “Why keep calm. Let the birthday countdown begin.”
  4. “I’m still counting down. Just 9 more days until my birthday!!!”
  5. “I can’t keep calm, my birthday is in 7 days.!!!!!!”
  6. “Oh well! Here we go, It’s my birthday countdown. 4 days to go.”
  7. “Let the countdown begin! It’s just 10 more days until my darling’s birthday. Hurray!”
  8. “Let the countdown begin. My dad is a mile closer to reaching his milestone. Happy birthday in advance.”
  9. “I have a tradition of greeting special people in advance. Happy advance birthday. Let the countdown begin.”
  10. “Birthday cards are boring. But countdowns and impromptu hugs are definitely not. Can’t wait for your birthday.”
  11. “Let me start my countdown and my early wishes before someone ruins my record. Happy birthday in advance.”
  12. “Since I am your best friend, do I get the first slice of the cake? Let me start my countdown. Happy birthday in advance.”
  13. “I want to make you feel just as special as you make me feel always. Happy birthday to you in advance. Let the countdown begin!”
  14. “I’m starting the countdown to your birthday. Can’t wait to enjoy the most awesome party of the year. Happy early birthday, mate.”
  15. “I am going to beat Facebook and my iPhone to wish you a happy birthday before they can give me reminders. Let the countdown begin.”
  16. “Since, to me, you are such an amazing friend, I am sending you wishes before the countdown to your birthday ends. Happy birthday in advance.”
  17. “I know it’s not too early to start the countdown. Your birthday is in twenty days and it’s gonna be a bang! Happy birthday to you in advance!”
  18. “To show you how much I value you in my life I’m gonna greet you way ahead of the others. Happy early birthday. The countdown has started.”
  19. “I’m used to doing everything in life before time, and your birthday is no exception. Happy birthday in advance. Let me start my countdown.”
  20. “I know quite well you like to receive early birthday wishes. So, millions of advance happy birthday wishes to you, my love. Let’s start the countdown.”
  21. “I cannot be there at your birthday party, but that doesn’t mean you will not get your gift. I’ve started my countdown. Happy birthday in advance!”
  22. “I hope this coming year will bring all the success you deserve and I’ve started my countdown by praying for your birthday. Happy birthday in advance.”
  23. “Let the countdown begin! Happy birthday in advance to the most amazing friend in this world. You’re the reason why my days are always full of fun!”
  24. “As your birthday counts down to four days, may you be blessed with an abundance of riches and peace all around. Anxiously waiting for the deal day!”
  25. “Who says birthdays are meant to be celebrated only for a day? Let’s start the countdown and make your birthday a wonderful week-long celebration.”
  26. “I don’t care whether your birthday has arrived or not. I’m sending you wishes anyway, because I love you a lot. Happy early birthday. I’m starting the countdown.”
  27. “It’s definitely going to be my constant countdown routine to send you my wishes. Here is the first one: grow healthier and wealthier. Happy birthday in advance.”
  28. “I’ve always enjoyed the countdown to your birthday. You’re the one from whom I’ve understood the love and companionship of a sister. Happy birthday in advance.”
  29. “The countdown is on, it’s just five days to go, and the party mood is already in the air here, friend. I sincerely long for the real celebration. Happy birthday in advance.”
  30. “I now value early wishes, because some people are worth celebrating for a lifetime, and you are one of those people. The countdown begins. Happy birthday in advance.”
  31. “Well, maybe I am too impatient, but who said that friends can’t congratulate their best friends in advance? Happy early birthday, sweetheart. I’ve started your birthday countdown.”
  32. “Countdowns are special. Especially when it is birthday countdown. For you your loved ones special day is your special day. You actually start counting how many days are left. You want to enjoy that each and every moment. Lucky are those who get countdown from their loved ones.” ― Arzoo Vishnani

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